60eh6000 The biggest complaint about this set offered by some is the fact that it has only two HDMI ports. And that can be a problem for some. But if you can control all the devices (like me) through your A / V receiver, you only need one HDMI going to TV anyway. If you need to connect all your HD equipment directly into the TV, and you have more than two HDMI devices, this TV is not for you, find another one. So enough of only two HDMI ports.


Yes, some people say that this un60eh6000 TV is loaded with features such as Internet streaming all the blah-de-blah-blah-blah. But if you like your Blu-ray player, it is not necessary on the TV. And some of us do not bother to watch streaming movies on the net, some of us do not have a good broadband connection enough to support in any case in which we live. And some of us buy the Blu-ray that we like. So pretty bloody Internet applications.


The picture quality of this TV is amazing. The total uniformity of the backlight, especially during a scene step, or when the background is completely black, it's amazing. Total darkness with no lighting at all irregular ... anywhere on the screen, the edges and corners. I have not seen a TV that can be compared in this respect.


The set has many manual controls and comprehensive image adjustments, and some advanced modes or three pre-programmed that may still be in shape. There is no need to settle for what the manufacturer says TV is good, although the way Samsung are absolutely out, well to the right of the window. Mode "dynamic" is a bit 'of contrast for my taste though. But still, it can be easily modified.


The bezel of this TV is as thin as are LCD / LED TV. Some might say that this TV is a bit 'on the thick side depth wise, considering it is an LED TV, but it is still very thin compared to my 3 year old Sony 52 "LCD, it was a tank.


The sound is the same as other thin LCD / LED TV. You may not get huge speakers to address these things, tell the truth. With a thin frame means little thin, small speakers. If you're listening through a surround sound system (as I and anyone with a "home theater system" to do) is not a problem.


The remote is a bit 'small, but its backlit buttons can light the dark, which is an advantage.


I bought this TV in a brick and mortar store for $ 1199, which I think is a bargain. Two weeks ago I bought a LG 55 "LCD and return to the store today. Blows all Samsung LG ... by LG backlight was so bad and bumpy, I could not resist. Was really noticible how bad it was during the scenes dark in movies like the second "Pirates" film, none of the movie "Batman" and "Aliens" these films are chock full of very dark scenes. LG could not handle, but Samsung makes them proud ... ink rich blacks who still some detail to them.


Somewhere online I read a comment from someone who does this film 24Hz TV mode. Certainly did .... set the Blu-ray mode and press the "INFO" button on the remote control Samsung TV and it will display on-screen information. 24 Hz bloody. So do not think that people everything they say in the comments. (Except for me lol)


If you want a really decent TV that does not need to wake him up, have breakfast, Twitter and Facebook for you, doing laundry and surfing the net for you, this is it.


The picture settings that I previouly mentioned in my observations were made, and settings "(located under the Plug & Play" solution Eco tab) is set to On


However, I found something very interesting. If you change your ecological solution 'adjustment' to 'Off', which dramatically changed the image. When you turn the setting to Off, the image becomes exceptionally bright. However, it is not as bad as you think. Although 'setting to Off' Eco solution, made the following changes to my settings and I'm updating my review to allow a choice between the two options. No matter what changes configuration chosen, your photo will be greatly improved. It 's just a matter of taste.


In this case, my goal was plenty of time to get clearer image un60eh6000 Samsung's impressive that the set had to offer, without compromising the beautiful colors of black or bright or extraordinary 3D effects as you can to warning times, all without ever having to change the settings between channels or sources, no matter what the room lighting can be. I think I got this effort.


If you choose to define "setting found under the Plug & Play 'Off to the Eco Solutions', try these settings. I recommend you do a reset first image.' This is in settings."


Under the TV picture "settings, I have the Image Mode 'standard' 'set to 10, Contrast" set backlight 80 "', brightness set to 45 group ',' 50 'sharpness, color set to 50', and tone (G / R) to 50/50. Under the advanced tab "settings, I set the color space 'for native" dynamic contrast "down", black as pitch' for 'Dark', (and here is a big change), skin tone "to -3, and 'Off' Motion lighting. In the Image Options tab 'settings, I set Darkness "by Standard', the digital noise filter 'Auto', the HDMI black level 'down', the Cinema mode 'Auto', 'Auto Motion Plus' to clear' and LED Motion Plus 'Off'.


If you choose to define "setting found under the Plug & Play 'solutions Eco', try these settings. Again, I recommend you do before a recovery image. 'This is in settings. '


Using the default display mode 'for all, I made the following changes. In Picture 'settings, I changed the contrast of 100' to 85 '. In the Advanced Settings', I set the color space 'for native "' tone black '' dark lighting motion by dynamic contrast and off." Under Image Options' I have the color tone of the '' car digital noise filter 'standard' Movie Mode, the Auto ', the HDMI Black Level Low Auto Motion Plus in the clear ", and turned movement PLUS LED Off'.




First I must say that I bought this TV from Amazon. However, I like Amazon and I love this TV un60eh6000 samsung!




This TV is aesthetically pleasing and has a handshake with my receiver. E 'with speakers from the sound surprisingly soft that I can finally hear my AC up. The colors are bright, vivid, real and true. The image can sometimes seem to look like a 3D TV to view some film sources. In a short time and goes out and makes a sweet sound. It comes with a perfectly sized backlit remote control that has a button to sleep on this. Do not use edge-lit channel or ARC technology. Yes!



I had a heck of a time tweaking this set. Initially, gave off a polished look, like "reality." My circle of people thought it was a cool thing. However, I hated it with a passion and has spent the last two weeks trying to get rid of it.


These changes have made a difference in the world and now there is no uniformity among all the source material. Cinema, the films are cable lines or Blu Ray movies and cable primetime, including cable news, everyone looks for its intended use.



In my quest to find the best TV for the money, I discovered that most un60eh6000 LED TV today are challenged with the aforementioned "soap opera effect". In a sense, it is understandable. Networks broadcast their shows with a large number of lighting choices. Only this can be problematic. Add to that the commercials that are transmitted in a non-HD and then play in the desire to TV manufacturers to make the panels TV super-thin and you will have many options for backlighting to choose. All I know for sure is that I love the fact that with this TV, Samsung chose to put the backlight across the back of the TV and not around the edges. Also, be aware that, in my opinion, this TV is easily thin enough, takes up very little space and has the audacity to look beautiful.



The changes, which in the end was only counterintuitive changes as first choice, so it took me two weeks to get it right. I do not have a degree, but it seems to me that it took me two weeks to adjust the TV, Samsung could, and should, do yourself before you put on the shelves. They know, or should know, about the lighting on the various swings between the various sources of information. samsung un60eh6000 simply should not be rocket science.



In fact, I highly recommend this TV and I think it's a great TV and is offered at a fantastic price. You just have to change it. I'm also writing this so that the next person does not get discouraged and want to immediately send it back. Would be making a big mistake. I was going to give me back because of the reality that crazy look he had on some stations and formats. In my opinion, the default settings should do the trick and solved the lighting problem. It is, after all, my property HDTV quarter, being a Sony XBR series full matrices, so I'm no stranger to adjustments.